How to Clean and Maintain Natural Wood Products?
You can clean the products we produce from baked solid wood material by using lightly damp cloths. Do not use strong detergents containing intense chemicals in natural wood furniture.

How to Clean and Maintain Kütük Furniture Products?
Do not use strong cleaning agents that contain intensive chemicals in the maintenance and cleaning of furniture such as log tables and log tables that we produce from logs that have completed the natural drying process. You can clean the product using a slightly damp cloth and trace amount of soapy water.

Will there be cracking in natural wood furniture over time?
The risk of cracking in natural wood and log furniture, which has completed the high quality and drying process, is 10%. While 90% cracking does not occur in these furniture, there is a small risk of small cracks that will not damage the product use or aesthetics over time and which are difficult to notice.

Does Insect and Worry Occur in Log and Natural Wood Furniture?
Although natural materials are always open to the effects of nature, we, as Odywood, implement multi-step processes so that our designs are not exposed to these natural processes. The logs of the designs you choose are carefully selected and parts that may cause problems are eliminated at this stage. Natural wood parts are cleaned with machines and by hand before processing and the parts that are at risk of trouble are separated. Subsequently, steps such as impregnation, fumigation and spraying are preferred according to tree type and need. These processes stop unwanted situations in the tree and prevent them from developing again. Wood preservatives such as epoxy, natural oil and varnish used in the last stages allow you to spend many years with your preferred design.

Which regions do you serve?
Odywood is an online brand and its sales are not limited to the production area environment. transmits only the design Odywood Turkey in the beginning, today it exports to many countries in the world, and the number of these countries are rapidly increasing with each passing day. Except for special agreements, all our products are delivered with FREE SHIPPING ALL TURKEY.

How many days will I get the products?
The shipping time of course varies according to the region where the order is placed. Despite this, our shipments to many cities can reach the next day. The production time of your orders depends on whether the design you choose is delivered from stock or special production for you. Products preferred from stock naturally result in quicker than customized production steps.

Do you order in special sizes?
Odywood is a boutique manufacturer that includes special designs. We are happy to evaluate all the designs that you have in mind, to take your design approvals at every stage of production and to carry out the design process together. It is of course possible to produce all the products you see on our website or in our social media accounts in different sizes, colors and designs. It is enough for you to send your requests to us and listen to you and start the design process.

How are the products shipped?
Odywood is highly sensitive about product packaging and shipments. The Odywood design of your choice is delivered to you free of charge by our contracted cargo company. You will be informed about the shipment delivered to the cargo, and information such as the cargo tracking number, the cargo branch to be delivered will be sent to you. The packaging stage and packaging is the process we are most sensitive to. Our products, which pass the final quality control, are taken to the packaging stage. At this stage, the parts that are at risk of touching each other are separated from each other by packaging and their contact is prevented. In order to protect against damages during transportation, products covered in packages such as stretch film, balloon nylon, cardboard are checked again and delivered to the cargo. In some of our products that require special sensitivity, the packaging process does not end even at this stage and wooden boxing is done. In wooden boxing, the already packaged package is framed in a wooden frame and then fully boxed with wooden plates.

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